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We believe in using the best quality props for our productions that deserve their time to shine just as much as our performers in our shows. Just like our talented actors that we work with, we can’t always have them on stage with us in every show.

So, rather than keeping our wonderful props locked away, we always try to give them a time to shine on stage even if not with us.

We are not a regular hire company, but if we have it and are not using it, you are more than happy to hire items from us to help you create your wonderful production and at the same time, keep our props happy in your spotlight on stage with you.

Cinderella Carriage hire

A beautifully crafted Classic Cinderella Carriage that is sure to create the wow factor in any production of Cinderella. Constructed of fabricated Steel that is roughly 8ft in length and 6ft in height to top detail.

 A beautiful upholstered royal blue velvet seat made of Marine ply awaits your Cinderella. The carriage is then completed with the marine plywood false wheels that contain the hidden stage castors, that allows this carriage to move easily  by either being pulled or pushed by minimum of one adult by the steel bars positioned at the front and back. The carriage is all beautifully finished in luxurious Gold glitter metallic paint and completed with decorative flowered foliage that include warm glow battery operated LED  lights.

For ease of transportation, the wheels simply detatch.  Removable wheels and trim to add

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