15th May 2024

 We are delighted to announce that we have a brand new production of …


We are SO excited about sharing this news with you as it is a story we have wanted to tell for a very long time (we have a very long list!)

Before we tell you anymore though, it is really important to please note this is a


As well as our excitement about performing this brand new show, we are also equally delighted to announce that we will be performing it at TWO BRAND NEW VENUES  that we have never performed at before.

We are thrilled to now be bringing our ALICE IN WONDERLAND to Tickles music hall, Bradford and Smile bar and venue in Huddersfield town centre. Both these venues are amazing with great stages to perform on, and a great background of delivering live entertainment for all.  

Why Alice in Wonderland?

Well, for those of you that have enjoyed our previous performances, you will know that we love to tell a great story our unique way and love our audiences to go on our adventures along with the characters on the stage. So what better show to choose for everyone to go on the greatest adventure ever written; Alice in Wonderland. 

How the story of  a young girl called Alice, sat on a river bank who spots a white rabbit came about is in fact a lovely story in itself. It was originally written back in 1865 by Lewis Carrol, after enjoying a boat trip with his close friend Henry Liddell’s three children. The trip began on the banks of Folly bridge and ended upstream in Godstow. During the boat trip, Carrol told the girls a magical story that he made up as he enjoyed the journey gliding down the river. At the end of the trip, one of the three children; Alice Liddell, then asked Carrol to write it down as this was a particularly good story she  really wanted to preserve. Carrol agreed and began to write the story the following day. He finally presented to the real inspiration to the story Alice Liddell, the completed  manuscript of Alice in wonderland two years later. A story that has to this day never been out of print and has now been translated into 174 different languages.

As you would expect we have given this classic tale our very own exciting twist but still keeping the crazy, mad journey Alice has always experienced. We have included the famous characters that she meets along the way including; The ferocious Queen of hearts, the confusing double act of  Tweedledum and Tweedledee, a caterpillar, The very mad Mad hatter and of course the time obsessed White Rabbit himself. 

Please remember the only opportunity to see this production is during the school holidays 2024. August 1st and 2nd at the wonderful Tickles music hall, Bradford. Performance times at Tickles are 2pm and 6pm. Then at the incredible  Smile bar and venue, Huddersfield on August 3rd and 4th with performance times at 11am and 3pm.


We would love to see some very familiar faces at this production. We will offer the same great high level of entertainment that you have come to expect from a PANTOEVERAFTER show. You will see some very familiar faces in the cast (further cast announcements to be released very soon)  as well as our tradition of  all the cast staying on stage at the end of the show, so you and your children can have a selfie together with their favourite characters, so you can capture the experience forever. And one other PANTOEVERAFTER pledge is that we have worked really hard again with both venues to create ticket prices that are as affordable as possible, with ticket multi buy offers available to help make your  trip to the theatre even better value than a trip to the cinema.  

Tickets are both venues are available through the links on our upcoming productions page on our website. 

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