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How to add a new Review

How to add new reviews to your site

1, Go to the Events page (or click here)

2, Click Enable Visual Builder from the menu bar at the top of the page to begin editing the page content

3, Scroll to the Review section and hover your cursor over it to bring up the action menu

4, Click the cog icon to edit the Review module settings

5, Scroll to the last review in the list and duplicate it by clicking the icon that looks like two boxes overlapping each other. (DO NOT CLICK "ADD NEW ITEM")

6, Change the information as follows...

  • Title => Name of the show
  • Sub Title => Name of the reviewer
  • Content => The body of the review

7, If you wish to change the image that displays above the review, click "Image & Badge" just below the content box (If you don't want to change the image, skip to step 11)

8, Click the cog in the black section in which the current image is displayed

9, Select an existing image in your media library or upload a new one

10, Click "Upload Image" even if you have selected an existing one

11, Click the tick in the bottom right of the Card Item Settings panel (If you are adding more than one review, repeat from step 5)

12, Now click the green tick in the Supreme Card Carousel Settings panelĀ 

13, You're almost done. Now you just need to save your changes. Move your cursor to the bottom of the page and click the purple circle with three white dots in it. (It may be hard to see as its the same colour as the site footer, so it may blend in a bit)

14, Click the green "Save" button on the right of the menu bar that appears

15, Now you can click the "Exit Visual Builder" button in the top menu bar to return to the live page

16, Rejoice in your new review/s

How to add a new Review

FluentCRM (Newsletter) Guide

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