The latest gossip from the green room

All the world’s a stage……..

We at Panto Ever After believe that what happens backstage can be just as interesting.  Scripts, dances, comedy routines, stage production ideas and wow factors are all created out of sight of the audience usually. Well creating all these different aspects of any production can also be a lot of fun, and we would love to share that with all you. Here we are giving you a full backstage pass, so you can join us and follow our journey, as we create our new magical production of Cinderella. Keep up with all the latest backstage gossip directly from the panto ever after team, stories from cast members and show designers, director comments and pictures from rehearsals. If you want to ask any questions or have any comments, please feel free to get in touch. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do, and welcome to the team.


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A Little Thank You Message.... We at Panto Ever after understand that social media plays a huge part in getting our...

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